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Field Shooting for Canada Geese

It's a little known fact that literally in the shadow of Manhattan's skyscrapers is some of the hottest Canada goose hunting on the east coast. But it's a well known fact that for over 25 years master guide Tom Cornicelli has provided hunters with some of the finest gunning on Long Islands beautiful east end for these great birds. The migratory population of geese that have taken up residence on Long Island is astounding and on the rise yearly. The area hunted is located on the north fork's scenic vineyard country and an hour and a half drive from New York City making it within easy traveling distance for a day's shoot. The rye, sod and cornfields in this area under lease have been consistently productive because of our hunting techniques and good management, in turn making our success ratio outstanding.


Whether it be calling, paddling and/ or decoy arrangement all are highly perfected in tolling birds to the gun. These magnificent birds deserve the respect of all caring hunters, therefore a special effort will be made to shoot only decoying birds to ensure clean, quick kills. Although most hunters prefer 3 in. 12 gauge guns , don't hesitate to bring your 3in. 20 with improved chokes with 2' s and 3 shot sizes. Depending upon the type of field cover, you will be hunting out of pits, stand up, and lay down blinds.  We prefer to hunt four guns, but we can accommodate up to six hunters. 
We hunt these birds over customized full-bodied goose decoys and Real Geese silhouettes adding unparalleled realism to our rigs. Depending on the situation you can expect to hunt over 150 to 500 decoys  which clearly put the odds in your favor. As spokesman for these counterfeits, Tom, who has fined tuned his calling abilities under world class callers such as Dave Coleman, Kelly Ross and Jeff Foiles has guided throughout the states and Canada. Tom has judged some of the various calling contests throughout the country including the prestigious World Goose Calling contest at the Easton Waterfowl Festival's 25th anniversary held in Maryland. This veteran guide is considered by many to be one of the best in the business at landing geese and a master at decoy arrangement.

A special note when field shooting, with any kind of precipitation you can anticipate good numbers of puddle ducks to also visit these fields adding a nice bonus to your day.

This is field shooting at its finest!


Bay Shoots

You will be hunting from my unique floating bind, which is towed to specific gunning locations within the bay. The primary gunning area is Long Island's lower Peconic and is approximately an hours drive from NYC.

While almost all species of waterfowl migrate through this traditional flyway, the birds that are most commonly taken are mallards, black ducks, wigeon, gadwall, greater scaup, buffle heads, long-tailed ducks and of course, Canada geese. In addition, it would be no surprise that pintail, teal and Eurasian wigeon visit the rig. It is not uncommon to shoot a variety of birds in a day's hunt. The shooting is done over award-winning decoys created by myself and other world-class carvers – birds can't resist ‘em.

We take great pride in making sure our hunting parties gun over the very best working decoys and the equipment used (the Maine Duck Boats, engines, blinds, etc.) as many of you already know, is of the highest caliber.


Fresh Water Marsh Shoots

The hunting is done on a private 60 acre farm.  This "honey hole" is nestled deep in the woods on Long Island's North Fork. Here a fresh- water spring feeds a picturesque marsh within the woods. In this relaxed setting, the stage is set for some of the most enjoyable puddle duck hunting the Island has to offer . The shooting is done out of brush and cedar blinds built on the water, yet concealed and set back behind natural vegetation hid from tolling birds. Although the mallard account for a large percentage of the bag the species that also visit this little marsh are woodies, teal, black ducks, pintail and hoodies. Keep in mind when hunting waterfowl, that weather is a major factor in the birds activity in a given days hunt.




Field Shooting For CANADA Geese

Half day shoots $650

Bay Shoots

$250* per gun (minimum 4 gunners)

Marsh Shoots

$250* per gun (minimum 4 gunners)

Sea Ducking offers the most avid waterfowler
the ultimate test in winged shooting

Up to 3 gunners $700 (can be combined with bass fishing $800)
Duck and Goose Combo Shoots $900
*$250 per additional gun

To book a charter, please contact Capt. Tom Cornicelli (631) 874-8471 / (516) 446-2286 or tommyducks@aol.com



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